There are lots of shops stacked with toys from the floor to the ceiling. The shops are packed full of people. You see a large brown teddy waving all ways and the flashing of cameras. You see a sign that really stands out and you see a shop and you realise it's got your favourite toy in it. You run to it and step inside the shop. You go all chilly because of the air conditioning. The shelves are stacked full of toys. There are adults running about like maniacs trying to get the best deals! The mums and dads are blurs and a trolley nearly knocks you over. You fall over on your hands and run to the aisle that your favourite toy is in. You look around the shelves and find it.
You admire it for a couple of minutes and suddenly at the other end of the aisle are your mum and dad standing looking at the toys. They head towards you. You're afraid. You don't know what to do. You run out of the shop and realise that your parents are coming out too! You see a big old fashioned theatre with creamy brown walls and big oak doors.

What are you going to do?
Are you going to go in the theatre?
Or are you going through the door that's nearby?